A Buyer’s Guide For Dishwashers So You Can Avoid Dish Washer Repairs

With so many dishwasher models available in the marketplace, it is not easy to select the right machine for your home. Here are a few tips to make your task easy.


Most modern dishwashers have a limited number of “place setting capacity”. The place setting capacity of a dishwasher refers to the number of plates and utensils the household appliance can handle in one wash. If you are unable to fit a standard dishwasher in your kitchen, you could buy an integrated, slimline, semi-integrated, or a compact model. The cleaning capacity of the machine will depend on the size of the machine and the number of racks available in the machine.


Like most residential appliances, the programs available in the dishwasher will vary from model to model. Usually, most dishwashers will have up to 5 different wash settings and a rinse cycle. The difference in wash temperatures will usually be the only difference you will find in the main wash program. The “eco setting” will maintain the temperature of wash at around 30-40 degrees. Other settings of the wash program will increase both the duration of the wash and the temperature.

In high-end model, you will find several additional features including many tailored programs such as half load or glass clean. These machines may also have sensor features that are designed to help the machine adapt to different loads. It will increase or decrease the water required depending on the load inside the machine.

One of the methods, used by the dishwasher, to dry out the dishes is to use the heat generated from the washing process. However, some expensive machines may offer a drying assist option. Machines with drying assist option usually use heated air or a fan to speed up the drying process.

Spray Arm

There are four important factors to consider when using the dishwasher including dish placement, heat, spray arms, and the detergent. The machine’s spray arm controls the distribution of water inside the machine. These spray arms are designed to ensure that there is no blind spot in the machine. The most common types of spray arms you will find in most dishwashers include traditional spray arm, additional spray arm, satellite spray arm, and Water Wall Jet Washing system.

What should not be put in the Machine

Most items will clearly state if they can go into the dishwasher or not. Certain items that cannot be put in normal machines can be put in dishwashers that have low temperature option. However, it is better not to take chance with the item and you should wash it with hand.

Care and Maintenance

The ideal place to fix this house appliance repair Fort Lauderdale is as close to the sink as possible. This will make plumbing easier. You should install a water softener to maintain the performance of the machine. If water softener is not installed, it can increase the risk of failure and frequent dishwasher repair.

You should also add dishwasher salt to reduce the risk of damage to the machine. If there is any problem with the machine, it is best to call a dishwasher technician to service and repair the machine. It is in your interest to call a special dishwasher technician, as oven service technician or fridge repairman, who also repairs dishwasher, may not repair the machine to your satisfaction.